mass neon sign transformer

A neon sign transformer (NST) is made for the purpose of powering a neon sign. They convert line voltage from the 120-347 V range up to high voltages, usually in the range of 2 to 15 kV. Most of them generate between 30 – 120 mA and are mostly used in advertising. The discovery of neon was made in 1898 by Sir William Ramsey and Morris W. Travers in London. However, it was not until the year 1923 that the French engineer Georges Claudie and his associate Jaques Fonseque began selling the symbolic objects commercially.

The technical equipment are used worldwide; they are in high demand, and so they are made in other countries. Although the method of manufacturing them is the same everywhere, the quality and performance of signs not made in the US may not be equal to others. The list of sign companies in other places and countries, as appears below is based on information dated December 2010. Due to the facts that general reporting methods are sometimes in error, and that an accurate account is not always possible the word “about” is used in this survey. We have seen what the US sign industry is like let us look at some other countries and places around the world and know what they do.


How The Sign Is Powered:

To power a sign, neon light is produced by passing an electric current through glass tubes that are loaded with gas which makes these tubes emit light. The signs are made manually, and when you delay and think about the numerous shapes and outlines some other means, as of this date, would be highly unlikely. This hand method has been in use close to 100 years and will probably continue until something better comes along. The tubing is bent, and the electrodes are attached resulting in the removal of impurities from the tubing. Then the air is evacuated, and gas is added.

The glass tubing is set up by cutting it into lengths which are cleaned and afterward put vertically in a covering machine. The machine then blows a fluid phosphor suspension upwards into the tube and after that gives it a chance to deplete pull out the base. Next, the tubes are set vertically in a stove to dry the covering. Shading tints are connected in a similar way.


How The Signs Can Be Used:

Symbolism are very effective methods of advertising and a great way to communicate a message for businesses.

1. Use Them to Speak To Customers.

Glowing signs are bright and eye catching, especially at night. An open sign is a great way to let customers know with a glance that your business is open to the public. They are also an excellent way to advertise a deal or special you are running. For instance, if you have a normal 10% Off Your First Visit, unique, you can use this text in an indication and post it in your window so customers will see it clearly.


2. Use Them to Build Your Man Cave (or Woman Cave).

The Man Cave is becoming a hugely popular decorating fad. The Man Cave is a room, usually in the basement if space allows, that can be decorated with large screen TVs, sports paraphernalia, big comfy couches, and a fully stocked bar. There is no better accessory to the Man Cave than a glowing sign. Create custom ones with the name of your bars, such as Patrick’s Pub, or Will’s Watering Hole. This will add a fun feel to the room and make it feel like your own.


3. Use Them to Show Team Support.

Nothing says team spirit better than a custom sign. Create one with the name and logo of your favorite sports team, either professional or collegiate. This will make a great addition to a game room or basement. Have a sports player in the family? Buy your little athlete a custom indication featuring his or her team name to hang on the bedroom wall.


4. Use Them To Get A Point Across.

You can use them to communicate a message in a non-business atmosphere as well. Create a custom one that says, No Smoking, if you prefer no one to smoke in your home. Have a favorite quote or Bible verse? Print this on a sign as well, and it is sure to be read.


5. Use Them to Create a Fun Decorating Style

They can also be used for decoration in game rooms, children’s room, and mini-bar in your house or anywhere you wished to put them. You can have them for welcoming people in the front door of your house or a decorative feature in your child’s room with his or her name.


LED neon sign

How To Pick The Best Sign:

They are available in different colors, styles, designs, and sizes for any business. Ranging from; Business, Open, and Beer Signs. Many indications are made available, and you can find a perfect one for your business with several outlets online. According to your specifications, custom made ones will be given away at a cheap yet attractive way. From the range of selections that are made available, loads of designs and styles in these signs can be bestowed. All that you should do is choose a bright and distinctive color that stands out from others.

Consumers who are interested in getting a personalized luminous sign need to inquire about types and sizes. They should know what they want, rather than be influenced by complex offers. It is important to know the available warranty, extended warranties provided by the dealers and to know the various purchase outlets. This can easily be determined by indulging in comparison-shopping, which allows buyers to compare products, prices and features of different manufacturers. The Internet also provides information on various dealers and manufacturers. It has a complete list of the kinds of signs available and their individual prices. This facilitates the buyers to choose as per their convenience without having to move from one shop to another.

Why Custom Signs Are Great?:

You would think personalized signs are expensive but in fact, they are not. Aside from being cheap, they serve as a way of making your business be renowned all over the town, and even the world, when it becomes a trend to the people, making them become repeat customers. And repeat customers are the grapevine or source of the rumors.

You might wonder if signs consume much energy. As a matter of fact, they save you money from electricity consumption. This is because neon and gas, when combined, use only low energy to activate light, which will save you up to 60 percent energy than traditional lights. Did you know that neon lights can stand the test of time? They have a long life and can stand up to 12 years compared to traditional lights where they die in 6 to 7 months. This also means less money to shell out. They are very much helpful for business advertisement and attracting customers.